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Updated: Feb 28

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Updated: Jan 31

We have a pleasure to invite you to the Summit of European Indigenous Sámi People, taking place in the European Parliament, Brussels, on 22nd – 24th March 2023. The Summit is organized under the patronage of the European Parliament.

The Summit will convene both Sámi and EU decision-makers to an important dialogue on following topics: • Climate change • EU´s Arctic & Northern policies and Indigenous Peoples; rights, privileges, and obligations in community • Traditional knowledge and cultural heritage in Sámi communities

Keynote speakers, among others: • Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament • Matti Vanhanen, Speaker of the Parliament of Finland • Presidents of Sámi Parliaments in Finland, Norway and Sweden • Chairs of the Youth Councils of the Sami Parliament in Finland, Norway and Sweden • Representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, as part of the Swedish EU Presidency 2023 • Experts of the Sámi community • Members of the European Parliament and representatives of the European Commission

The Summit is co-hosted by The Sámi Parliament in Finland, the European Parliament and the Finnish Presidency of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council 2021-2023.

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